Using Candle Making Jars

You can easily save jars suitable for candle making that will create beautiful candle displays for your home decor for every day use or special occasions. You can use any type of jar that you have on hand to create a container candle. You will be able to create a rustic display of jar candles when you have a nice collection of several candle making jars in different sizes. If you recycle your own glass jars for candle making, you can make a cardboard insert in the top of the recycled jar lid so that the lid will fit tightly again. The lid helps to preserve the fragrance of scented candles.

Jelly Jars

You can use jelly jars for your container candles. You can find these types of jar candles filled with a gel wax to resemble the jelly that can usually be found in a jelly jar. A jelly jar can be simply decorated with an embellished label and jar lid and you can also add gingham and raffia to the lid for a country fair look.

Mason Jars

Another suitable jar for container candles is the Mason jar. Mason jars look nice filled with candle wax that has been colored to match the home interior or exterior. The Mason jar candles are great when they are scented with home style and woodsy scents that create an accent for the room in which the candle is placed.

Mayonnaise or Larger Jars

You can also use the large mayonnaise jar for a container candle. You can also consider the extra large glass food jars that can be recycled and used for a container candle with more than one wick. Large is not always the way to go so remember to collect baby food jars as well for your different candle making jar projects.

Variety Of Suitable Jars For Candle Making

You can find jars for candle making that will enhance and brighten your home. There are many types of glass jars that can be recycled for candle making projects so look around the next time you are in your grocery store for appropriate jars. You might find yourself adding new foods to your diet just to get the jar for your candle making projects.

If you do not have an available supply of glass jars from your home, it is possible to find suppliers of glass jars in different sizes for your candle making jar needs. Glass jars make beautiful container jars that can evoke an earlier and simpler period of time. Glass jars can also add a surprisingly modern look to your home as well.