A Few Simple But Interesting Candle Making Ideas

Candle making is something that is a fun craft to learn that can reward the candle maker in many ways and it is something that can be begun when still young and which proves to be a craft that will stand you in good stead over the years. Thus, it is not surprising to find that there are many candle making ideas to choose from that range from the simple to the difficult, and it is also a good idea to use the right candle making ideas for the appropriate age group, especially in case it is being used with children or teenagers since there are some ideas that suit adults while others are suitable for young teenagers.

Make Ice Candles

One of the better candle making ideas that is worth trying is the making of ice candles and even though this is something that most of us may have tried while still in third grade, it can be refined to make it more interesting and of course, you will need to prepare molds, set the core candles, pack the molds with ice and then pour the wax, and then set it aside to cool down after which you can unmold as well as drain, and finally, enjoy the ice candles.

Another option open to you and which is to use a nifty candle making idea that involves the making of hurricane candles that are especially beautiful though you need to be extra careful because if not properly done, they can even are dangerous. It is a type of candle that is supposed to burn in the middle while illuminating the outside shell and it is quite usual to have dried flowers, pot pouri, candy canes, and even sea shells embedded in the outside shell that makes for a better looking candle.

You might also choose from another one of the many interesting candle making ideas and that is to create candles in the form of pillars and of course, for this too you would need the usual ingredients that include wax, dye, scent and wick as also wicktab and a choice of toilet paper as well as paper tower roll, an empty carton of milk and even one of orange juice and a peanut can as well as old shampoo bottles and more in the same vein.

To get the most from this candle making idea, you could try and set a number of different shapes as well as sizes of the pillars which may even are of the same color, and then intertwine them with silk ivy or even with silk flower garlands that will result in a very good looking candle.