You Can Enjoy Candle Making

Candle making is a craft that has pre-historical and worldwide roots and this craft grew out of the necessity for light when the evening has come. The candle is simply a burnable wick surrounded by a medium that allows for a longer burning time than if the wick were made to burn alone. Animal fat, also called tallow, was used at one time for candle type burning lights because tallow was widely available although in time beeswax came to be used in the manufacture of candles. The beeswax offered a much sweeter fragrance and less smoke than the tallow, which produced a heavy odor and black smoke.

Candle Making For The Whole Family

Candle making is an easy to do and relaxing craft that produces candles ranging from simple and functional to a customized and artist designed candle product. Most candle making techniques require heat to melt the wax to be poured into a mold or used as a dip for dipped candles. Two simple candle making techniques are the rolled beeswax candle and the bead wax candle technique. Neither technique requires heat during the making of the candle. You can find a candle making technique and project to match your skill level and budget.

Even a beginner can create candles that are suitable for gift giving or home decor. You will gain practice and familiarity with basic candle making techniques by trying simple projects at first. When you feel ready, you can move on to the project of your choice. It is important that you read any project directions thoroughly before you start the project so that you will be aware of the necessary supplies, tools and techniques that you will be using to complete the project.

Different Skill Levels For Candle making Projects

You can use different mediums for embedding the wick and this variety gives you a great potential for beautiful candles. Besides the rolled beeswax sheets and wax beads, you can also create molded, dipped, container and candles with embedded objects and the wax can be scented, colored, painted and embellished with different finishes. A variety of wax types can be used in candle making including paraffin, soy, vegetable and floral waxes.

As you master candle making skills, you will feel more confident taking on more complex projects and even designing your own customized works of candle art. You can feel proud giving and using candles for creating atmosphere, evoking moods and for spiritual purposes. Candles are useful for the different seasons and holidays and by making your own candles, you can join in a long tradition of candle making.