Motorcycle Camping Trailers Growing With The Times

There are not too many motorcycle camping trailers in which people can sleep, but they can be used to tote everything needed for time on the road to be more comfortable. Designed to be lightweight and pulled behind a motorcycle, the trailers can carry a tent, sleeping bag and other items to make camping on the road more like home instead of having to sleep under the stars. Some of the larger motorcycle camping trailers can even carry a canopy roof under which the riders can sleep in the event of rain.

Until the use of motorcycle camping trailers became for acceptable, riders hoping for an extended road trip had to rely on good weather or motels to provide shelter at the end of a long day of riding. Today however, the trailer have grown in size as well as stability allowing motorcyclists to enjoy the camping options previously offered to four-wheel vehicles.

Most of the motorcycle camping trailers designed today offer low resistance as well as low resistance to side winds, helping them be more stable on the road. Typically, about six-feet long and two to three-feet wide, they may not add to the stability of the motorcycle, but they also not detract from the rider's ability to keep the bike upright.

Pop-Up Trailers Provide More Convenience

Some of the larger motorcycle camping trailers, not initially designed as cargo carriers, will function similar to small pop-up trailers, folded down for ease of towing and able to be set up in minutes as a camper for two people. These trailers usually have a soft top and collapsible metal frames that quickly turn into a camper, complete with a canopy roof and side windows for ventilation.

They are lightweight, usually between 200 and 250 pounds, making them easy to two behind average sized bikes. While several varieties of motorcycle camping trailers serve essentially as cargo trailers, the newer camping trailers offer more convenience and comfort for sleeping in campsites or along the road. Some will even have a separate dressing area, standing higher than the sleeping area for ease of changing clothes while camping.

One of the many benefits of the newer motorcycle camping trailers is they are quick to set up and repack the next day, making them convenient to use for one-night stops on a road trip. They can also provide shelter from harsh weather without the need to find a motel to stay in until storms pass through the area.