Family Camping Tents May Not Hold Entire Family

The size of family camping tents purchased will depend on the size of the family that will be using it. The thing to remember about tents is that the size is stated by the number of people who can fit comfortably inside, with no additional items inside. A two-person tent for instance, can hold two people in sleeping bags, with everything else they brought with them left outside. For a tent to be big enough for two people along with their spare clothing and food supply will need to one listed as a four-person tent.

There are many family camping tents that have more than one room and some also offer a patio-type roof attached to one end. This can provide a little privacy if using the tent for changing clothing as well as sleeping. Remember, that regardless of the number of rooms in family camping tents, they are in no way soundproof. The tents with more than one room can provide an area for one group who needs light in the evening to turn on their lanterns without disrupting the sleep of the other campers.

Most people will opt for family camping tents that have a built in floor as opposed to those that sit on the bar ground or that require a tarp or plastic to be used as flooring. This type of tent can protect against an invasion of nocturnal critters looking for a warm, dry place and a hot human meal.

Large Tents Not For Daily Moves

When planning a camping trip the use of family camping tents may not be ideal if the plan involves setting up a different campsite every day. They are great for temporary shelter for a few days, but can be heavy and inconvenient to set up and tear down on a daily basis. They are usually used in campsites for families spending a few days at the lake or nearby attractions.

The material of which family camping tents are made should also be considered, as may of the new tents are designed to be tear resistant as well as waterproof. Despite what the weather report claims, it is always best to plan for the worst and enjoy the great weather when it comes. It may also be a good idea to set the tent up in the backyard before going on the road to first, make sure all the parts are there and second, to make sure you know how it goes together before trying it in public.