Good Camping Tips Make Journey More Enjoyable

Whether heading out for the first time or are considered an experienced camper, everyone can use a few camping tips that may make their experience more enjoyable. One of the best ways to insure having a good time while camping is to make sure you are prepared for just about anything that can happen…tears in the tent, torn shoes or even just holding up mosquito nets can all be done with duct tape. The old saying of being able to six just about anything with duct tape and baling wire is not a joke then looking for camping tips on how to make repairs on the fly.

The exercise pad that sits rolled up the closet, while the treadmill serves as a clothes hanger, can make an ideal sleeping pad when you are camping. Additionally, instead of lugging your pillows from the bedroom into the woods, a large zip-lock bag filled with are can serve as a pillow. However, of all the camping tips offered, the best one may be not to put your head on the bag without a cloth covering.

When packing tools you think may be needed in camp, have a pair of channel lock pliers. They make good potholders for lifting hot pots off the fire. They can also be used to twist the baling wire for repairs, as offered in previous camping tips.

Be Prepared With Bad Weather Activities

Many camping trips have been ruined by bad weather, and while it may not last the entire trip, even a few hours being cooped up in a tent can cause tempers to grow short. Be sure to have a few games and maybe some cards to help pass time while waiting for the sun to shine and the sky to clear. Among the most valuable camping tips may include the use od baggies or various sizes to help keep things dry. Even without the raining morning dew can make many things damp and be useless when needed.

Building a campfire is easier when it is dry and you use matches, and camping tips on making weather proof matches can be invaluable. The large wooden kitchen matches can be dipped in was to protect them from the humidity. They can also be coated with clear nail polish to make them waterproof, may will be harder to light. Using the cardboard rolls from toilet paper, stuffed with dryer lint or scrap paper make excellent fire starters while on a camping trip.