Camping Games Can Provide Fun And Entertainment

Even the most avid campers may suffer from boredom occasionally, especially young children who are constantly hoping to stay active during the trip. Once they bore of fishing and hiking the parents may want to involve them in some camping games to provide fun as well of some learning activities to help make the time pass more quickly. Unless the family has brought their own games from home, they will have to improvise with whatever the camping area provides to devise their own camping games.

In camping areas where several families are close together, playing camping games is considerably easier as they can involve different people. A simple game of kick the can provides hours of hid and seek fun for everyone involved in the game. The object is for one person to be the one designated to seek first. They hide their eyes while the rest of the campers hide. The object is for the person who is "it" to find the others before they can run to a home "base" and kick an empty can. The person who is found first will be "it" for the next round.

For smaller groups, a parent can devise a list of items typically found in the campground or on the trail and host a scavenger hunt. In these types of camping games, it is important to not allow small children to venture too far away from the parent's campsite.

All Games Should Stress Safety Among Participants

Water baseball is one of the most commonly played of the camping games, using a tennis ball that still floats and a small bat. However, only children who are excellent swimmers should participate in these camping games, and only under adult supervision. Ideally, it is played with home plate and the bases in water not more than about a foot deep and the fun begins when someone hits the ball and tried to run the bases.

In larger campgrounds, camping games can include having the kids venture through the camp to see how many different license plates they can find within a limited area. They can use a pencil and paper to track their progress. Many travel games designed for use in the car can also be adapted to serve as camping games.

One word of caution is that when playing camping games, respect for others in the campground should always be practiced. Loud laughter and running can be fun for those participating in the games, but those other campers trying to take a nap may not be appreciative.