Having The Proper Camping Equipment

Planning a camping trip is fun, but you need to have the proper camping equipment to make the time more enjoyable. You want a portable propane grill for those times when you do not want to cook over an open fire. Since you have the portable grill, you might want a fire extinguisher as well. You will want to have a sturdy table to place the portable grill on so you do not have to bend down to the ground.

Some Popular Camping Equipment

Camping equipment such as a lantern is nice for hanging from a sturdy tree branch to illuminate the areas away from the camper and fire. This is also nice for deterring wild animals from sneaking up on you. On the other hand, some people use deck lights on a string to light up the campsite. You can find these items in camping equipment stores as well as garden shops.

If you plan to camp for long periods, you are probably going to want a screen tent. This is also found in a camping equipment store. They come in different sizes with or without privacy flaps. The ones with the privacy flaps are nice for nighttime sitting. You can put your television outside, sit down, and relax in the comfort of the screen tent without anyone seeing you.

The next part of your camping equipment is the sleeping bag. Even if you have a pop up camper, you might want some sleeping bags. They have different ratings and different styles available. The sleeping bag should be rated for cold weather even if you plan to use them in the summer. Some summer nights can be cool, especially is certain areas.

Camping equipment includes utensils, cookware, dishes and water bottles. These are the standard camping needs, you might have more, but the basics are what will get you by when camping. The water bottles are nice because they are capped and it prevents bugs from entering your drinks.

Camping Equipment For The Roughing Camper

If you are serious about roughing it when you go camping, you are going to follow a checklist of what is necessary for roughing it as well as camping. You are going to need a tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, dishes, utensils and pans, hunting knife, hydration packs, cooler and a flashlight. You will also need a first aid kit, compass and plastic bags. As long as you have the basics, you will have some fun camping.