Camping Cots Contain Comfort, Convenience And Size

For today's campers the idea of sleeping on the ground just is not in their vocabulary. With the use of inflatable mattresses and camping cots, there is little interest in throwing a blanket on the ground every night. Whether sleeping in a tent or in an unfurnished cabin, there are many different camping cots that can serve the needs of anyone. There are even bunk cots that stack for two people to share the same amount of floor space.

The simple cot consisting of a metal frame and a bed of canvas have come of age to include ones with a shelf underneath for storage as well as a nightstand that can sit beside camping cots for user convenience. While earlier models were usually made of heavy wood at each end, today's camping cots are usually made of aluminum or lightweight titanium to withstand the stresses of camping and frequent use in different climates.

The sling of most camping cots are made of nylon or some other artificial cloth as canvas is too heavy for people to want to carry long distances on hikes. Additionally, the use of synthetic fibers also help them dry faster and offer ease in set-up and tear down.

Cots Remove Need For Tent Floors

In addition to being more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, the use of camping cots eliminates the need to have a floor in the tent. Typically, a cot will keep a person ate least a foot off the ground and the tent, without a floor, will be lighter to carry and easier to set up. This is truly beneficial if it rains and water runs under the tent walls. No one will be sleeping on wet ground.

One of the good things about camping cots is, despite their name, they can be used anywhere at anytime. When they kids want to have friends or relatives over for the night, setting up camping cots in the backyard or even in the basement, makes sure none of them have to sleep on the floor or on other furniture. They can set up in the backyard and pretend they are on a campout.

Many of the larger outdoor supply stores also carry camping cots for larger and taller campers. A person that stands over six-and-a-half feet tall may be uncomfortable on traditional camping cots but they also offer cots that will hold people over 84-inches tall and may be heavier than the average camper.