Camping Chairs Provide Comfort By The Fire

When you go on a hike for several days in the woods, it might be acceptable to find an old log to sit on for the night, but when setting up a camp for a few days, camping chairs will be much more comfortable. The folding styles are much easier to carry with a backpack, or to stow inside a camper or the trunk of the car, but camping chairs will help keep you off the ground while sitting around the campfire at night.

There are different types of camping chairs available, but the ones with an aluminum frame and canvas seats and backs are the most popular. On top of being comfortable, they dry quickly if your site is hit by a sudden rainstorm or the morning dew clings to the fabric. Folding chairs with a metal frame and nylon straps, commonly called sling chairs, can be equally comfortable but take up more room in the car. Hard metal or wood folding chairs can also be used as camping chairs but are unwieldy to carry around to the campsite.

Regardless of the activities, camping chairs can offer seating when no other form of seating is available. Many people use their chairs when attending outdoor entertainment activities, as well as youth sports games when seating may be at a premium. It is infinitely more comfortable to tote camping chairs than it is to use a blanket spread on the ground.

Provide Extra Seating For Family Gatherings

Many individuals use their camping chairs when they have family and friends over for a cookout or other gathering. They can be found with built-in footstools as well as cup holders built into the arms of the camping chairs. Caution is needed against using the holders for hot beverages as the slightest bump can cause the liquid to spray out onto the person sitting in the chair.

Some camping chairs are designed for use on the beach, with exceptionally short legs allowing the user to sit almost on the ground. They keep them off the wet sand while enjoying the surroundings in comfort. This style of camping chairs is also good for those walking along a river and wanting to sit and wet a line waiting for the fish to bite.

There are many different styles and colors of camping chairs on the market and many are marked with a company's logo for advertising purposes. They can also be bought bearing the logo and colors of your favorite sports team to show the world to which team your loyalties lie.