Camping Air Mattress Can Stop Ground Hazard Pain

When sleeping out on a camping trip, there is nothing that feels better than lying down on a camping air mattress, knowing that in the morning you will not wake up with the imprint of a rock or stick in your back. Whether you choose an individual mattress or a camping air mattress the size of a queen or king sized bed will only matter to the size of the tent and the number of people who will be on the same mattress.

Many of the single mattresses are simply a one-chamber bladder designed to simply elevate the camper from the ground. The disadvantage of this type of camping air mattress is that one small hole will find the camper sleeping on a piece of plastic on the ground. The best type of camping air mattress is one that has multiple chambers that allow the mattress to remain essentially inflated even if a hole develops in one of the chambers.

When going camping, always plan on how the camping air mattress will be inflated. While some campgrounds have air compressors for just that reasons, many do not. Besides, lugging a large air mattress to the dedicated compressor and back can be a trial of its own. Having a foot pump makes inflating a camping air mattress easier and will not require someone to manually inflate one by blowing into it for hours.

Check Vehicle Pumps For Camping Trips

Many companies sell tire inflators that plug into the 12-volt power plug in most vehicles. Many of these pumps can be connected to a camping air mattress and inflate them in minutes. For larger mattresses, 120-volt pumps are available and if the campsite being used is equipped with electricity, they can make short work of inflating the camping air mattress.

Before placing the mattress on the ground, be sure to check out the area for sharp objects that can puncture the outside allowing air to escape throughout the night. Additionally, even when sleeping on a camping air mattress, if it is set on a large rock it can still make for an uncomfortable night. Avoid placing an air mattress on plastic as it can slide as though it were sitting on ice.

A camping air mattress that is coated on one side with flannel or other cloth can be more comfortable than lying down on the plastic or rubber mattress. Be sure to have a sleeping bag or some blankets to lay on top of the mattress to prevent muscle pain from sleeping directly on the cold mattress.