Wine Cabinets That Make You Wonder

It is an essential piece of the modern home and also this cabinet speaks volumes about someone's taste in food, life and love. This all knowing cabinet is a wine cabinet. Wine cabinets are a European staple and an American eccentricity. Wine cabinets date back to before the Romans of course they were more like racks and less like a fabulous storage device. Wine cabinets come in a myriad of different colors and styles and elements. Wince cabinets that are created nowadays are usually pieces of art or while others are purely for the sake of storage with little or no visual appeal at all. Wine cabinets have made a niche for themselves in the young professionals and baby boomer markets with most of their sales going to these two groups of individuals. They make a statement of class and elegance and add certain elements of aristocracy to the home of someone. This may be one of the main reasons that individuals from these two demographics buy wine cabinets at such an alarming rate.

Which Wine Goes Where

Most individuals that drink wine know that all wine cannot be stored the same. Whites and Rose' should be kept below 50 degrees and Reds at room temperature. Wine cabinets in recent years have become technologically advanced as well as visually pleasing. Many custom built kitchens come with a wine cabinet built in. Modern Wine cabinets have separate temperature controlled compartments designated for each type of wine. Red goes at the bottom and rose in the middle and whites and champagne on top where the temperature is the coolest. This makes wine cabinets an essential and easy to use appliance for everyone in to enjoy.

If you happen not have a custom built kitchen in your home, purchasing a wine cabinet from a wine shop or even a major retailer will not be a difficult task. Remember to get the measurements of the space that the wine cabinet will go. If it's underneath something or even on top of a counter, give the wine cabinet a little more head room in order to avoid scratching or damaging the wine cabinet. This will make for a wonderful conversation piece at a gathering with friends or relatives. However, remember to consume you wine in modest and safe amounts. According to the Romans wine was the food of the Gods, albeit an accurate assumption, responsibility with the wine inside your fabulous wine cabinet keeps you safe.