Born To Be Wellborn Cabinets

Wellborn cabinets have been around since 1961. Wellborn Cabinets are located the rustic hills of the Appalachian Mountains of Alabama. Wellborn Cabinets is located on a 1.5 million square foot facility that has its own timber processing mill. Wellborn Cabinets are a niche cabinet maker rarely supplying to large retail firms. Wellborn cabinets prefer to keep their market exclusive and specialized. Wellborn Cabinets offer there clients a more personalized service. Wellborn Cabinets have chosen to make their cabinets with smaller and more unique resellers in mind. When you visit the Wellborn website you have opportunity to see find your style of cabinetry. This is an interesting feature where by clicking on representatives of each different type of style that Wellborn Cabinets offer you can decide for yourself which one of their unique cabinet's will fit you. Within the Wellborn site you learn about angles and customization. These helpful hints guide you into making the best decision on which set of Wellborn Cabinets will fit into your home.

The Style and Concept of Wellborn Cabinets

Wellborn Cabinets offer Formal, Casual, Contemporary, Traditional, Country, Transitional and Eclectic. Transitional and Eclectic are two relatively new styles in the world of cabinet making. The Wellborn interpretations of transitional cabinets are blending the formal and traditional styles with accents and elements from the contemporary genre. Making these pieces look grand but also stream lined at the same time. When Wellborn Cabinets decided on Eclectic, they came to the conclusion that this style should be a free for all. When you seek to purchase Eclectic designed cabinets you get to make the decisions on which pieces you prefer from each style and have them combined to make your interpretation of the perfect Wellborn cabinets.

When it comes to finishes Wellborn Cabinets has most other cabinet sellers beat. Wellborn, since catering to a more niche market has ability to offer over 20 different colors of finishes on some of their cabinet sets. Wellborn not only does kitchen and bathroom cabinets but also Office Suites, Dressing Suites and Entertainment Suites these exceptional pieces, are done to the same exacting standards as the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are done. An extremely commendable aspect of the Wellborn Cabinet family is the Accessible Living Collection. This collection is specially designed for the elderly and physically challenged. Wellborn may be a niche company but it obvious that they care about their clients regardless of their ability levels. Wellborn Cabinets are more than just a supplier of niche and exceptional cabinetry. Wellborn Cabinets are cabinets you can have at any stage of your life.