Storage Cabinets For Different Rooms

Just as every room has a different function, every room has different storage needs. Sometimes pieces of furniture, such as the entertainment center in your living room, takes care of most of the storage, while other rooms, such as your kitchen, has many cabinets for storage. Every so often, though, what you already have in a room doesn't provide sufficient storage, and that's when it's time to hunt down some other storage.

While in some rooms you can add decorative shelves to increase storage, for some rooms it will simply be easier to add storage cabinets. By choosing storage cabinets that are appropriate to the function of the room you put it in, you will be able to keep clutter from accumulating. And by matching your storage cabinets to the room you will be putting it in, you won't have anything that looks out of place. Here are some ideas to get you started on your cabinet hunt:

The Home Office

As your home office grows, so will your need for storage space. While a good computer desk might be sufficient at first, it may be wise to invest in some sort of storage space to store the office supplies that you will need. Because it's not likely that you'll have a separate storage room for your office supplies while at home, your best bet for storage cabinets are ones that look most like pieces of furniture, with wood stain.

By getting something that matches the rest of the furniture in your office, you avoid having anything overly industrial-looking in your work space. Don't be afraid to get storage cabinets with glass doors, though; even though you're just displaying office supplies, it does announce that your home office is a place for work!

The Basement Workshop

If you have a workspace in your basement for repairing things or for just relaxing while making items out of wood, you need a place to store nails, tools, and other items. In this case, some simple steel storage cabinets are just what you need. It's simple and functional, but doesn't need to look fancy. If you do tend to work with a lot of small items like screws and bolts, consider shelving that has plenty of small drawers to help keep you properly organized.

Industrial-style storage cabinets are great for other work areas, such as in the garage, or even in your storage shed, for storing out-of-season toys and small tools. So, for workspaces in areas inside your house, storage cabinets that match the furniture work best, while basements, garages and similar areas will do fine with steel storage cabinets. As long as you match your storage cabinets to the area you're in, though, you'll have functional storage that looks right.