Refacing Cabinets Provides An Easy As Well As Affordable Alternative To Purchasing New Cabinets

To succeed in refacing cabinets all that is required is to know the basics and the rest will come easy especially when you're intention is to make the kitchen cabinet's appearance look better. You don't really need to be a cabinet maker or know much about cabinet making. All that is required is to spice up the old cabinet instead of disposing of it and with a little bit of effort you will be pleasantly surprised how good it can really be made to look and at a cost far below what it takes to purchase a new cabinet.

Old Cabinets Are Generally Better Than New Ones

Refacing cabinets will help save you a lot of money because you won't be buying a new cabinet - just touch up the old one, which most often are better than new ones. In addition, with a few deft touches you can make your old cabinet a lot more useful. You need to start with the cabinet door which, if it is a common type, will require some skill to fit properly. Most kitchen cabinets are constantly bearing the brunt of cooking and with heat, grease as well as water and food residue to contend with; very soon you will need to do some refacing of the cabinet.

Refacing cabinets is a constructive experience that will allow you a lot of scope to be creative and it also means being practical which you will soon realize saves you a considerable amount of money. It means changing the old doors with new ones and also needing to do up the framework. Since the doors are very visible you need to choose a style that is most appealing which could be either a reused panel, recessed panel or a slab door?

The doors could be made of wood though there is also glass, bead board as well as raised panel doors to choose from. If you think that there is no need to replace the doors, and then try applying veneer that is available in a number of styles and finishes and which should also match well with the tiles as well as wall colors of the kitchen.

Another option worth considering in the refacing cabinets exercise is to repaint the cabinet, which would require stripping off the old paint followed by cleaning of the surface so that no grease or dust is left. Once this has been done, repainting with the help of a spray paint should give you best results.

These are some of the options available when one thinks about refacing cabinets, and they are fairly simple to execute and of course, save time as well as money.