Omega Cabinets: The Sixth Largest Cabinet Manufacturers in America

It has barely taken more than twenty years for Omega Cabinets to become one of the largest kitchen as well as cabinet manufacturers in America, and from its inception as a small operation owned by founder Bob Bertch in rural Iowa it has certainly progressed in leaps and bounds. With a number of innovative products to its credit, Omega Cabinets has items for the kitchen that are handy as well as essential including a rack where to store your cookbooks and keep them safe from spills.

Space Saving Devices

A notable feature of Omega Cabinets products includes space saving devices that are designed to fit into the cabinets and some of them are fitted racks, baskets and layer, behind-the-door spice racks as well as under-counter wine racks. When you choose Omega Cabinets you will have a wide range of suitable products to choose from, and there are many selections that are fashionable that can be used on the outside, inside and which will last a lifetime.

Basically, the Omega Cabinets products are made of selected hardwoods as well as veneers with each hardwood product making a statement of beauty that can be seen in the character of every product that includes cabinets made from Maple, Cherry, Red Birch, Pecan, Oak, Quartersawn Oak, Alder and Walnut.

Along with these excellent hardwood choices comes the solid wood case construction that makes each Omega Cabinets product a lifelong acquisition, though it is not necessary to wait for a lifetime to really appreciate these products. These Omega Cabinets products come to you in square, stable as well as easy-to-install form. There are also a number of finishing options to choose from including glaze, stains and opaque, stainless collection and more.

In addition, there is also excellent molding seen in all of the Omega Cabinets items and this greatly enhances the character of the kitchen while having many possibilities that includes elaborate detailed traditional styles and sleek streamlined appeal as shown in the contemporary styling.

Once you buy an Omega Cabinets product, you will get a lifetime limited warranty that will give you peace of mind for the years to come. You can rest assured that every Omega Cabinets product is the result of hand crafting using the very best selection of hardwoods. In order to take care of these products, these products have been made to withstand moisture though they are not moisture-proof. To properly clean, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off moisture, spills or liquids from the cabinetry while using a mild detergent such as Spic & Span or Ivory. With proper care, there is no reason why the Omega Cabinets products won't give you a lifetime of satisfaction.