Models Of Mills Pride Cabinets

Mills Pride cabinets are made to last a long time, to be functional, and beautiful. That's why they sell more cabinets than almost anyone else. Mills Pride cabinets can be found at Home Depot in the cabinet section. Many of the cabinets can be installed during a weekend. For the people who have homes with unconventional measurements, Mills Pride cabinets can be special ordered as a custom piece. The company is located in the heart of Middle America in Middlefield Ohio and partnered with Home Depot in the late nineties. Mills Pride cabinets not only makes cabinets for the kitchen area, they also make cabinets for the bathroom and home organizer cabinets. Because these are made to be built fast, the prices for these cabinets can be up to forty five percent less than other cabinet makers.

Mills Pride cabinets are made with do it your self in mind. Built with cams and bolts, the easy to read instructions make building each cabinet much easier. A novice can build a cabinet in minutes instead of hours. The engineering group has truly designed a winner and the homeowner will be satisfied with the look and quality. In fact, the cabinets make the industry standard which is quite high and have been certified by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America).

Styles Of Mills Pride Cabinets

Mills Pride cabinets come in a variety of styles and finishes that allow the homeowner to make there own personal configurations. This means that kitchens with odd dimensions will be easily fitted without looking mismatched. These really are flexible cabinets. Along with all of this, they offer the ability to get optional equipment like glass fronts and other upgrades that allows people to truly personalize the kitchen area.

When people are shopping for new cabinets, they need to know just how well built Mills Pride cabinets are. Mills Pride cabinets are built to the highest standards in the industry. The amount of quality control testing done to these cabinets is awesome. To test the hanging strength of the cabinets, mills pride applies twelve hundred pounds of force to the cabinets for four minutes. Not only do they pass the test but they pass the industry standard by seven hundred pounds! They also measure the amount of hinge sagging by opening and closing the cabinet doors forty thousand times. Mills Pride easily beats the standards of the KCMA. Mills Pride cabinets are some of the best cabinets people can buy. They are an excellent bargain and will stand up to the punishment after years of service. Why not make the next set of cabinets Mills Pride!