Curio Cabinets A Conundrum

You have been collecting your favorite item for as long as you can remember now you want to display them for the whole world to see. You want something to put them in where you can share your collection with friends, family and the people you love. Consider purchasing one of the many styles of curios cabinets.

Curio cabinets have been popular since the beginning of the 18th century. Curio Cabinets in the beginning were used by many wealthy socialites and royalty to display their riches or their finds from other lands. These cases showcased what the individual prided themselves on.

Curio cabinets at that time were not for the average person, many curio cabinets of that day had intricate glass work in the front of them and were also handcrafted often times these cabinets were bejeweled often taking months to assemble. Even now, a proper good conditioned curio cabinet from the 18th century will bring a hefty price at an antiques auction.

The Right Sized Curio Cabinets

Curio Cabinets come in many sizes, from the large for displaying guns and art work, to the petite used for displaying small collections of brick a brack. If you have an exceptionally large collection and a lot of space consider an old world style curio cabinet with standard measurement from 44W x 17D x 79H inches.

If you have a smaller or more contemporary home or an apartment with not as much space maybe a metal curio cabinet with the standard dimensions of 24W x 12D x 76H inches will suit your needs Curio Cabinets can have glass etchings in the front or side glass, their shapes vary as well. Large curio cabinets tend to be wood and rectangular, where as smaller curio cabinets come either rectangular or column shaped.

Now when deciding on which style of curio cabinet to purchase first take the measurements of the corner or area you wish to install the curio cabinet in. The measurements need to be height, depth and width this will stop you from purchasing a curio cabinet that is either to large or too small for the area.

The style of cabinet is personal, keep in mind the feel of the home and the style that is already there. If you have a contemporary styled home, then add a large oak curio cabinet into space the cabinet will look awful. After purchasing the curio cabinet, you can finally showcase the objects of your affection.