Updating Your Bathroom Cabinets: Considering Your Options

A bathroom remodeling project has many different things to work out, since unlike most rooms in the house expect for perhaps the kitchen, the bathroom is a room that is a functional space. In a space like this, you have fixtures that serve specific functions, as well as your bathroom cabinets, where you store everything that supports those bathroom activities. Having bathroom cabinets is generally a requirement, and as such, needs to be considered when you remodel your bathroom. You have several different types of cabinets to choose from, all depending on your bathroom size and style.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanity cabinets are bathroom favorites these days, evidenced by millions of homes where the sink rests upon a small set of cabinets. Some people depend on bathroom vanities for storage space. Depending on the layout of your bathroom and the size of your vanity, these cabinets can be small, taking up only as much space as your sink, or large, giving drawer and counter space. These bathroom cabinets are better suited for large bathrooms, however. If you have a small bathroom, you'll find having a free-standing sink will create an illusion of more space than a vanity.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are another common form of bathroom cabinets that you'll find in homes. These cabinets can be a great place for storage if you purchase ones that are large enough to keep all your personal hygiene items in order. For a sleeker design, have recessed cabinets installed, which will save a cubic foot or two of air space by allowing the bulk of these bathroom cabinets to sit inside your wall space.

Cabinets Over The Toilet

There are other options that you can consider for bathroom cabinets, such as ones that hang over the toilet. That space in the bathroom can easily house a set of cabinets that can store bottles of bubble bath, soap, or even towels, making a sort of replacement for a linen closet in other parts of your house. While you can't fit most of these bathroom cabinets in the wall, the backs can be recessed so the cabinets don't stick too far out above the toilet.

Doing Without

Depending on your bathroom design, you may even decide that bathroom cabinets just don't fit the look you're going for. For instance, it's already been pointed out that bathroom vanities can be removed in smaller bathrooms to give a more open look. Similarly, you may wish to replace the over-the-toilet bathroom cabinets with open shelving, particularly if you like folding your towels and having them easily accessible, hotel-style. Still, whether you choose to install something new or do without, a decision about bathroom cabinets is part of any complete bathroom remodeling project.