About Bamboo Cabinets

When most people think about putting new cabinets in a home, most think of the many high quality hardwood cabinets stained to a rich color that beautifies the entire home. In the modern society of today, people are trying to be eco friendly with everything that they buy. From the hybrid cars they drive to the building materials in the home. Many people are trying to bring the outdoors into the house and blend with nature. Any inside design should be self sustaining to nature so that whatever material is brought into the house can regrow quickly and be used again.

One of the best self sustainable materials that a person can buy is bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and won't die when it is cut. It grows back and actually benefits from cutting because it grows back tender and new. Bamboo can be put into many things in the home. Bamboo cabinets are beautiful to look at and will last a lifetime. The doors for bamboo cabinets can come in a variety of styles. Bamboo trees grown in different parts of the world become unique to the area that they are grown in. Some front cabinet doors available are Bahamas, Lanai, Waialua, Kauai, Kona, and Maui. Many different locations means many different beautiful cabinet doors.

More About Bamboo Cabinets

One company that makes beautiful bamboo cabinets is the AlterECO Company. They make and install some of the most beautiful cabinets anywhere. With custom made cabinets built to the highest standards and with the highest quality of bamboo, these cabinets will last forever and will always look like a work of art. AlterECO believes in using materials that are self sustaining and they also use bamboo for its strength.

Another company that uses bamboo for its cabinets is Grasswood Cabinets. They also take pride in the work that they do and they have gone so far to now offer modular bamboo cabinets for homes. The modular cabinets allow an individual to put together several separate cabinets to create a look and fit that is specific to their home.

The benefit of bamboo cabinets is the fact that bamboo grows fast enough to be harvested within every five years as a sapling. Most people also don't know that bamboo is stronger than oak hardwood by fifty percent! It is also dimensionally stronger than most hardwoods. Bamboo will outlast a person and look good the entire time. For the people who want something different in their home and want to make it ecologically friendly, bamboo cabinets are a great choice. With the beauty and strength rivaling hard woods but renewable within five years, bamboo is truly the wave of the future. There is endless potential and possibilities with bamboo.