Is Topical Botox Better than Botox Injections?

Both men and women work equally hard to maintain a presentable appearance and body frame in order to not only be healthy but attractive as well. Due to the constant concern of how we look irrelevant of age or gender there have been many procedures and drugs developed during the years to help us look younger, slimmer and healthier.

What is Botox?

Botox is basically the same bacteria you find in food poisoning and is scientifically called clostridium botulinum toxin. It works by simply relaxing (temporarily paralyzing) the surface muscle which has created the wrinkle. By this 'relaxation', the wrinkle is thus removed. The whole procedure does not last longer then a half hour, depending on what you want removed. The treatment can usually last for up to three to four months at a time.

Botox has been gaining overnight popularity because it is easy, painless and does not require surgery, and is therefore relatively inexpensive as well.

How is Topical Botox Different?

Topical Botox is referred to serums, creams and masks that act just like Botox when applied; however they will have to be applied daily and the results may be seen after approximately a month. Many, who are scared of injections and do not wish to spend a great deal of money on them will settle for topical botox instead.

Doctors will suggest that you apply topical botox in between botox treatments for prolonging the effect of the injections. Topical botox is not better or worse to the injections but just an alternative way to care for your appearance everyday.

Side Effects to Consider

Botox is FDA approved, which makes the few side effects it does have safe for the general public. The side effects include partial temporary paralysis, allergies and sometimes numbness.

It is strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before you begin any treatment to ensure that the side effects, if any, will be minimal and that they will not cause more damage to your appearance in the process. After all you are undertaking this procedure to improve your looks in the first place. Acquire all the information you require from authentic sites or your doctor in order to be safe than sorry.

Helpful Tip

To find the best bargains on topical botox try online stores where you are likely to get free samples and/or deal packages with some free extra bottles. Who said you need to spend a fortune on great looks!