Botox Wrinkle Therapy is FDA Approved

Botox is manufactured by Allergan Pharmaceuticals and is an FDA approved muscle-blocking agent that is used to treat overactive facial and eye muscles. Botox wrinkle therapy works by blocking transmissions through the nerves to specific muscles and put these muscles to rest for as long as nine months. The skin becomes smooth and there are no more involuntary wrinkles and especially not frown lines or crows feet as well as no horizontal forehead wrinkles. However, Botox wrinkle therapy is generally not used around the mouth due to the fact that lower facial weakness may result in drooling.

One should ensure that the expertise as well as experience of the treating physician is of high standards in order not to have temporary paralysis in wrong muscles. There is no doubt that Botox wrinkle therapy has gained a great deal of popularity in the United States in recent times and patients are more than satisfied with the relatively long effect and smooth skin surface as well as fewer injections and low costs involved in Botox wrinkle therapy.

Treatment Last Up to Nine Months

Botox wrinkle therapy makes use of the Botox protein which is very delicate and is shipped in freeze-dried state and needs to be reconstituted just before being used. In addition, Botox wrinkle therapy involves quite painless injections that may be as few as three or as many as 18, depending on the areas to be treated and can be administered using acupuncture-size needles. Sometimes, some few drops of blood may be seen at the injection sites but they resolve themselves after a few minutes of pressure. Compared with facial plastic surgery, the Botox wrinkle therapy works wonders and allows the patients to rejuvenate themselves through a painless and highly effective and safe treatment.

When Botox wrinkle therapy is applied it causes the muscles to weaken and the skin that lie over these muscles are made to relax and this causes the wrinkled skin to slowly but surely, soften and mostly disappear. Of course, the patient would feel a small barely perceptible sting when Botox is injected but other than that there is no other discomfort and mostly, all patients can continue with their normal daily activities immediately following the treatment.

Botox wrinkle therapy reduces or eliminates wrinkles, is very safe and simple to perform, does not require sedation or anesthetic and helps to correct underlying muscles and is wonderful for vertical lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, crow's feet as also horizontal lines in the neck.