Botox Injection for Sweating Can Provide Relief for up to Six Months

Sweating is a natural function of the body that is necessary to regulate body temperature and there are as many as five million sweat glands running over the body. The surprising fact is that nearly two-thirds of these are located in the hands. The sympathetic or vegetative nervous system controls the secretion of sweat and about one per cent of the population in the United States has excessive sweating that is far more than required to maintain their body temperatures.

Sweating of the armpits which are more than required by the body and which do not respond to topical antiperspirants such as Drysol, Saldrize and Certain Dry may require Botox injection for sweating. These injections are used to provide relief for as many as a six months duration. In addition, Botox injections for sweating are also effective in remedying sweating of the palms of the hands and the relief it provides can be sustained for quite a few months.

Prevents Clamminess and Lessens Body Odor

Botox injections for sweating are useful not only for reducing sweat but are also helpful in reducing body odor and makes the patient smell great or in any case leaves less of a stink in their wake. There are some research results that point to the fact that Botox injections for sweating help to improve body odor, especially when injected under the armpit.

Typically, the Botox injection for sweating last for four to eight months and the treatment for armpits and groin may cost as little as US$450. It is also a fact that Botox injections for sweating require more injections than for treating wrinkles.

Botox injections for sweating are given to the area of excessive sweating and are useful for those who cannot find relief from conventional drug treatment. Botox injections for sweating act on the junction of the nerve and muscle and reduce the activity in the muscle. Sweating is lessened through blocking the release of the chemical known as acetylcholine that helps in stimulating secretion of the sweat glands. The small dosage of a Botox injection for sweating stops those areas from becoming clammy as well as sweaty.

The effects are however, temporary and so one needs Botox injections for sweating to be repeated twice or thrice every year and sometimes these injections may be painful as well as expensive though there are patients who have found the Botox injections for sweating to have provided them renewed self-confidence while some feel it is not worth the bother. In addition, Botox injections for sweating have also been found to be ineffective when there is severe palm sweating or even facial sweating.