A Brief Guide to Botox for Excessive Sweating

Sweating is an essential mechanism through which our body eliminates toxins but which can also be very embarrassing and offensive when it results in sweating stains not to mention the odor that everyone tries to mask as much as possible. While some succeed to keep sweating under control with various products, others lead a constant daily battle with this issue.

Preventing Sweating

The whole body perspires but only three parts do it profusely and they are: armpits, feet and palms. There are many products that will help prevent sweating temporarily such as, antiperspirant products in forms of roll-on, spray and solid stick.

However, ordinary products don't work on those who have excessive sweating problems due to medical or other types of conditions such as: stress, menopause, different types of illnesses, being overweight as well as some drugs which are administered for a different medical condition can cause excessive sweating.

Treating Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is embarrassing both due to the odor and appearance due to which those with this unfortunate disease will go to great pains to find and undertake treatment. Good news is that there is a treatment, which can successfully contain excessive sweating without considerable side effects in the long run and that is botox. Botox is a bacteria that is found in food poisoning however, in small dozes botox for excessive sweating works wonders.

Botox for Excessive Sweating Can Work for You

Botox for excessive sweating treatment is injected directly in the place with the problem such as the armpit, feet or palms. It is pain free and it takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the procedure, which means you can do it over your lunch break if you have a busy week. The effects of botox for excessive sweating lasts approximately six months and about tow to three days from the time the treatment occurs to take effect.

Botox for excessive sweating is an affordable procedure which can also be covered by your medical insurance should you qualify; for more information check your insurance policy.

Other Uses For Botox

Botox got famous approximately 15 years ago when it was first experimented to erase facial wrinkles. Botox is used today primarily for wrinkle treatments, as it is fast, easy, painless and does not need any type of surgical intervention.

Before you perform any medical intervention ensure you consult your doctor for advice and any possible side effects, which only your doctor can be aware of, as he/she is the only one who is familiar with your health history and present physical state.