Botox Side Effects are Not a Cause for Worry

Like most other drugs one needs to examine the potential side effects that may occur when one uses it and this should be done preferably before starting the treatment. Botox was originally developed for use in the treatment of muscles spasms that were associated with such diseases like multiple sclerosis and is thought to have very few side effects.

Botox side effects can cause some slight bruising around the areas that have been treated and this bruising may be because of the manner of injecting Botox into the muscle groups which in turn control the movement of skin and result in wrinkling of the skin. Botox injections are given using very thin needles and those who have very sensitive skin or who could be prone to bruising may expect a certain degree of bruising to take place. However, this bruising is very slight and will fade away soon after the treatment has been done.

Insist on Certified Professionals

Another Botox effect side is that Botox helps spread to unintended areas that may result in some temporary drooping of the eyelids or even limited range of motion in some other facial muscle groups. However, this problem is very limited and is thought to only occur in less than one per cent of the users and the best solution to avoid such occurrences is to get the treatment done from a certified medical professional which would guarantee receiving quality treatment.

Besides these side effects of Botox there might also occur some minor pain on the face, reddening of the skin in areas that surround where Botox has been injected as well as some weakness of the facial muscles. These side effects of Botox may last only a week and may then disappear. Before taking other medications while undergoing Botox treatment it is advisable to check with the doctor or pharmacist about potential Botox side effects that may result from using such other medications.

A list of all the possible side effects of Botox would include headaches, flu-like symptoms, temporary drooping of the eyelids, nausea, squinting and/or double vision, twitching of the eye, facial pain, redness at the site of the injection and also weakness in the muscles.

Mostly, the amount of Botox and its side effects are very low and can typically last not more than six months due to the fact that Botox treatment is temporary. Patients who suffer neuromuscular disorders need to consult their physicians before taking Botox injection treatment since there is a possibility of cardiovascular problems arising. Other possible side effects of Botox include pain in the face, erythema at the injection site as well as muscle weakness.