Vegetarian Bodybuilding is Gaining in Popularity

Every bodybuilder knows that protein is essential to building muscle mass as well as repairing muscle tissue. The most common sources of protein come from meat, but meat can be very fatty which is counterproductive to what bodybuilders are trying to achieve. Many are now turning to vegetarian bodybuilding to achieve desired results.

Vegetarian bodybuilding presents certain problems to bodybuilders. They must get all of their protein and other nutrients through other foods and supplements. This is not an issue for serious bodybuilders since they are used to following a strict diet and using supplements. Vegetarian bodybuilding is just one of the next steps towards achieving the bodybuilding goals.

Misconceptions about Vegetarian Body Building

Many people believe that without eating the flesh of an animal, you will not be able to get enough protein and other essential nutrients. That is simply not true when it comes to vegetarian body building as you can easily get proteins from other food sources. Soy products, beans, various grains, eggs and dairy product provide plenty of muscle building proteins. Vegetarians actually have a better chance of increasing their strength and size while on their meat-free diet. Vegetarian body building means exactly that - building muscle mass and strength based on a diet filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating meats can actually slow down your metabolism because it takes so much energy to digest it whereas with a vegetarian diet, your body actually speeds up its digestion.

What to Eat When Vegetarian Bodybuilding

The most important thing to remember when choosing vegetarian bodybuilding is to get enough protein into the body. This can be done using several non-meat foods, but the bodybuilder must also consider the fat content of these foods as well. Some of the best choices include protein shakes, tofu, and soybeans. Each of these will help get the desired amount of protein during vegetarian bodybuilding.

Vegetarian bodybuilding also includes the use of supplements in order to get all of the necessary nutrients needed to keep the body in peak condition as well as achieving goals such as increasing muscle mass and losing fat. Whey protein is the most common supplement used in vegetarian bodybuilding. Casein protein and soy protein are also common supplements.

Many bodybuilders who choose vegetarian bodybuilding rely on meal replacements. These are often in the form of shakes or snack bars. They are made to contain all of the necessary nutrients that bodybuilders need in order to maintain their strict diet. Most of these meal replacements rely on alternative protein sources and include varied nutrients and minerals. These are used to replace entire meals, but should not be the sole form of nutrition while bodybuilding.

Vegetarian bodybuilding is helping bodybuilders to achieve their desired bodies. Rather than eating meat for protein and then having to burn off the added fat, these bodybuilders are able to get protein through other sources and not have to worry about the added fat. Some people who practice vegetarian bodybuilding are not strict vegetarians and may eat meat while not in serious training. Vegetarian bodybuilding is often a choice that is made out of necessity and often works out to the advantage of the bodybuilder. That is why vegetarian bodybuilding is becoming so popular.