Total Body Workout and Bodybuilding Provides Better Results Than Individual Body Part Training

Of late, more and more people are taking to training just one body part at a time once a week when doing their bodybuilding training programs. This may be quite popular as well as effective, but it may result in overtraining as well as committing more time than one has on hand. After all, making five or six visits to the gym can take up a lot of time as well as cause the body to be over-trained while also requiring a refreshing change for which total body workout and body building may be a better option.

Change Your Mindset

It is quite common to wonder just how total body workout and bodybuilding is possible considering the fact that you need to exercise the entire body at one time. However, there is a need to change one's mindset from the individual body workouts to total body workout and bodybuilding, and working the entire body in a single workout with just one or two exercises as well as four to six sets per body part will do you considerable good. In addition, such a total body workout and bodybuilding regime only requires a training frequency of thrice per week, which is easily achieved.

Total body workout and bodybuilding requires focusing on basic as well as moving multiple joints, and such exercises help in stimulating the maximum response from the body as far as muscle fibre recruiting is concerned as also releasing necessary hormones so that there is more muscle growth. In addition, with just one workout in a single session it will also make for synergy on the body's response to your training session. This means that your body will respond well to total body workout and bodybuilding even more so when you are making a significant change from your previous bodybuilding regimes.

Good total body workout and bodybuilding means keeping the training sessions as short as possible and ensuring that you do not spend more than an hour, though intensity should be high. You will need to work the large muscle groups first followed by the smaller muscle groups. If you focus your efforts on basic as well as compound movements you will get the most recruitment of your muscle fibres in as short a time frame as possible, which makes for more efficient training, and if the intensity is high enough, you will begin to see positive results.

Your total body workout and bodybuilding regime should include squats, leg press as well as hack squats for your quadriceps, bench press, incline press, dios for your chest, and deadlifts, chins, pulldowns, bentover rows as well as T-bar rows for your back.