Teenage Bodybuilding: Setting Up A Safe Protocol

Teenage bodybuilding is an ever increasing popular sport for both boys and girls. There is often concern, that teenage bodybuilding will in fact harm a teenager; as opposed to getting them in shape.

Possible Risks of Teenage Bodybuilding

There have been reports that teenage bodybuilding is harmful to a growing teenager's body. The idea is that by using heavy weights, undue stress is put on bones stunting growth by causing the closure of growth plates. There is no evidence that teenage bodybuilding will in fact cause this chain of events to occur.

The risks in teenage bodybuilding are similar to risks in adult bodybuilding. One risk is using too much weight and not being properly spotted. Another is not using the proper form when lifting weights, causing a teenage bodybuilder to pull or strain muscles. Steroid use is another danger to teenage bodybuilder and adults as well. It is important that teenagers be aware of the damage caused by steroids.

It will need to be explained in depth that the instant muscle found with steroids, is far more dangerous than it is worth. Unfortunately, there are many advertisements geared towards the teenage bodybuilding community, advertising instant muscle mass. Adults involved need to pay particular attention to this; and, deter teenagers from this unhealthy path.

Setting Up A Safe Teenage Bodybuilding Routine

The best course of action in teaching teenagers proper technique in bodybuilding; is, finding a well qualified trainer. A trainer will be able to explain to the teenage bodybuilder, the importance of how to stand when lifting weights. A teenage bodybuilding routine should also involve lessons on the importance of rest and proper nutrition.

Teenagers can learn life lessons on nutrition by becoming involved in a teenage bodybuilding regiment. There should be a set schedule involving different muscle groups that will be worked on. Variety helps keep the routine from becoming boring; and, a trainer can help facilitate a good workout.

Dedication Is Needed In A Teenage Bodybuilding Routine

Increasing strength and muscle mass doesn't happen overnight. Teenage bodybuilding can involve months of workouts before the body begins changing. Encourage the teenager to stay focused and notice the little changes. Increasing the amount that the teenage bodybuilder can lift can showcase the changing abilities of the bodybuilder. Teenage bodybuilding can help teach teenager patience and the rewards that come with working towards a goal.

Getting the proper training is an important step when setting up a teenage bodybuilding workout. Make sure the trainer is qualified and is creating a positive environment for the teenager to be a success.