Periodization In Bodybuilding: How Does This Work?

When beginning bodybuilding, for competition or for personnel goals, it is important to begin working with a trainer. A trainer can not only teach proper weightlifting form, and safety measures, they will also, set up a routine. Many trainers use a periodization in bodybuilding system. This is a technique used by many serious competitors in the field off bodybuilding and other sports.

What Is Periodization In Bodybuilding?

The idea of periodization in bodybuilding may have been first used by Dmitri Matveyev in the early 1960's with elite Soviet athletes. Periodization in bodybuilding is just one sport that uses this technique to improve performance. Many athletes use this procedure, naturally and don't even realize it has a name. The idea behind periodization in bodybuilding is to use a series of planned changes to a workout routine.

The body can get use to lifting a specific amount, so varying the amount of weight used at a set pace can push the body to work harder and create muscle. The routine used in periodization in bodybuilding uses both light and heavier weights in a cycle. When using periodization in bodybuilding, the athlete begins by using the lighter weights and doing more repetitions of weightlifting.

This program is usually set up in a 12 week pattern, with a week of rest, and then back to the beginning workout routine. The thought is that by using a periodization workout, the body is being constantly challenged, making it work harder and for change to occur. Periodization in bodybuilding has been used by top bodybuilders for many years with excellent result. There have been some bodybuilders who don't feel this is the most efficient way to build muscle mass.

They believe in constantly adding weight to the workout; and, pushing the body as hard as possible. The evidence doesn't support that this form of workout routine has better results. Competitive athletes that use periocization workout programs discover that they can increase weight in shorter cycles than by pushing themselves to the extreme.

A periodization in bodybuilding routine is a well established form of creating muscle mass and helping an athlete achieve their goals. There are many magazines that have this type of workout routine featured for beginners to use. Having a trainer help set up a routine and make sure that proper technique is being used can help avoid injuries and make your workout more efficient. Before beginning any new physical workout, check with a physician to ensure that there are no problems with your health. Periodization in bodybuilding workouts can be the tool needed in getting into the shape.