Gary Dalton: A True Bodybuilding Legend

Gary Dalton has become a bodybuilding legend based on one simple fact. Gary Dalton has become a bodybuilding champion and has remained drug free through it all. In the sport of bodybuilding, it is quite common for contestants to use steroids and other drugs and substances in order to build muscle mass and lose fat quickly. While this is illegal and regularly tested for, bodybuilders still use these substances in order to try and gain the edge up on the competition.

Gary Dalton was never a large man. In fact, he began competing in the lightweight division. He proved to others that it is possible to become a champion bodybuilder naturally, through hard work, exercise, and a disciplined diet. This is an amazing accomplishment and has earned Gary Dalton the notoriety he deserves in the bodybuilding world.

Gary Dalton and the World National Bodybuilding Federation

Gary Dalton was an inspiration in the creation of the World National Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF). His commitment to remain drug free throughout his training and to achieve such amazing results has shown others in the bodybuilding sport that it is possible to accomplish these goals without the aid of steroids or drugs.

The World National Bodybuilding Federation is based on the principles that all contestants should be drug free. The WNBF has instituted a very strict policy regarding drug testing. At every event, competitors must submit to a urinalysis as well as a polygraph test. These tests will help determine whether the participant has used drugs or steroids within the previous seven years. If they test positive then they are ineligible to win prizes.

The World National Bodybuilding Federation sponsors several competitions throughout the year. They find sponsors and offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. They also spend at least one hundred thousand dollars per year on testing these competitors through the urinalysis and polygraph test.

The WNFB has several bodybuilders who have become the faces of the organization. Gary Dalton is the face of natural bodybuilding all while earning such coveted titles as Mr. International. He has since inspired countless other bodybuilders to choose the natural lifestyle.

Gary Dalton has proven that dedication and hard work are just as powerful as any drug. Gary Dalton is a true leader and inspiration in the bodybuilding world and has earned his place in bodybuilding history.