Female Fitness And Bodybuilding: Low Weight, High Reps

If you're a woman and you want to improve your physique and your overall well being, female fitness and bodybuilding may be for you. Many women are now taking up fitness regimens with the hopes of looking and feeling better. First, however, it's important to dispel the myth that if a woman begins bodybuilding, she will become big like a man. This is simply not true. Working out with weights will increase your muscle mass and will help you burn more calories, but it's your genes that determines how big you'll get. The fact is, most women will not get big with female fitness and bodybuilding, but they will become lean and sexy; which is why most women take up the activity in the first place.

Keep It Light

For women, lifting heavy weights doesn't make sense. Unless your goal is to build huge muscles, you should only use enough weight to create resistance. For most women starting out with female fitness and bodybuilding, a couple of soup cans or milk jugs filled with sand or water will work fine. For each exercise, do at least ten to twelve repetitions, and do two to three sets. This will build your muscle endurance and will make you more lean, which is what most women hope to accomplish.

It's also a good idea to practice cross training when following a female fitness and bodybuilding regimen. Between sets, do some form of cardio, such as jump roping or dancing, some sort of activity that gets the heart racing. This is much better than just sitting there between sets, you want to get your heart rate up in order to burn as much fat as possible.

The Female Fitness Diet

Female fitness and bodybuilding revolve around the diet. You need to keep your diet clean if you hope to get the results you want. You should stay away from excess sugar and processed foods and you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Only eat until you're satisfied, not until you feel full; this will keep your fat burning furnace going so that you burn as much fat as possible. This is the best way to get lean for any female fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast.

If you keep to the above routine, you should become lean and muscular in no time. You won't look like a man unless that is your goal. If you keep your weight low, your reps high, if you eat a clean diet, drink plenty of water and you supplement your workout with plenty of cardio, you will soon be lean, healthy and sexy; and that should be your primary goal when starting any female fitness and bodybuilding regimen.