A Few Basic Points About Bodybuilding Anatomy And Exercises

It is necessary for those of us who are regular bodybuilding enthusiasts to pay special attention to the muscle group's structure as well as function while training. Though it is possible to get good results from simply performing exercises, it would nevertheless be of greater benefit to you to first understand the basics of bodybuilding anatomy and then proceed to build up an impressive physique.

If you use your knowledge about your muscle group's structure as well as function to properly train, you will obtain the maximum from your endeavors and thus maximize the body's strength as well as get larger and more powerful muscles. In addition, if you know your bodybuilding anatomy well such as understanding your muscle anatomy you will know clearly what the muscle appears as, and thus realize how the muscle's work while you are bodybuilding.

Five Regions That Can Be Individually Exercised

There are basically five regions in the body for which different sets of exercises can be used on each region, and these five regions comprise the arms and shoulders, back, chest as well as abdominal and legs. These regions are an integral part of the bodybuilding anatomy and when exercising the arms and shoulders there are four main muscle groups involved.

You can use the forearms to lift as well as lower weights as well as provide grip strength. For the biceps, you can use the traditional curl, while the triceps are often left underdeveloped, but are used for straightening of the elbow.

Deltoids are the main shoulder muscles and they can best be exercised by using dumbbell arm presses. Another part that is used and which forms an integral part of bodybuilding anatomy is the back, which if it is well developed, will be of vital importance for professional bodybuilders who can use a combination of lat lifts, dead lifts as well as rows for building up the back.

Another part of the bodybuilding anatomy that must be worked on is the chest region in which the main muscles are called the pectorals, which are muscles that need to be developed using traditional bench presses as well as dumbbell flies.

The other bodybuilding anatomy region that needs to be developed is the leg, which has three muscle groups including the calf, quadriceps as well as hamstrings in the upper leg. These three muscle groups can be worked with the help of machine lifts as well as by doing squats as well as lunges.

The final bodybuilding anatomy region that you need to work on is the abdominal region, which is centrally located on the body and is of great importance to developing the muscles properly for core strength as well as for letting the body rest as also to get the right appearance which is necessary during bodybuilding competitions.