Are You Ready For Advanced Bodybuilding Training Techniques?

So, you tried bodybuilding, gave it a year and like it. You're starting to see results. You've lost the flab, are hard, but your muscles aren't big. Perhaps you'd like to turn your body into a work of art and get some really sculpted muscle and maybe even compete. And you want more challenge in your workouts.

Advanced bodybuilding training techniques are also used by professional athletes, wrestlers, security personnel, bouncers, models and quite possible the military. If you've been gradually building up your body's strength, eat plenty of the right protein-laden meals and have the patience, you are most likely ready for advanced bodybuilding training techniques.

Things To Keep In Mind

As you've discovered, there are a lot of bodybuilding training styles, programs and exercises for the beginning bodybuilder, the intermediate bodybuilder and yes, for the advanced as well. Keep in mind that this may cost more and take up more of your free time. And you can't miss meals. Get a check up from your doctor to see if all the parts of your body can handle the intense workouts. You might discover your arms and legs can handle some exercises, but your back can't. There are still advanced bodybuilding training techniques you can do, but avoid leg exercises like crunches and girls and instead try a leg-lift machine.

If you're still up for the challenge, then you are definitely ready for some of the advanced bodybuilding training techniques:

Forced Reps: You keep lifting a weight over and over again, faster and faster, but sometimes you have a helper to "force" the repetition of lifting the barbell going. Say, for every ten lifts, you get help on the eleventh. Over time, the barbell gets heavier and heavier.

Partials: Now this is fun. Instead of moving a weight all the way, you just move it part of the way and hold it. Be sure to stretch after each set to minimize the pain.

Pre-Exhaust Training: Say you want to concentrate on one area of muscle, like your triceps. You do some weightlifting, say lifting dumbbells straight overhead, but instead of resting in between differing weights and lifts, you skip the rest and just go right into a new exercise. This is sometimes called "supersetting".

Giant Sets: This is just like pre-exhaust training, except there is no rest between an entire series of exercises for a specific muscle group.

Strip Sets: You need two spotters for this, as time is of the essence. You start bench-pressing a barbell with the most weight on it, then the two spotters keep lowering weight. There is no rest in between weight changes like you are already used to. The speed is what builds the muscles here in these kinds of advanced bodybuilding training techniques.