Boating Sun Glasses: Don't Just Pick A Pair Off The Rack

When you're looking for sunglasses to wear while boating, it pays to be a little picky. You shouldn't just walk into a convenience store and pick the first one off the five dollar rack. You should take the time to study the different kinds of boating sun glasses because special boating sun glasses will keep you protected while you engage in your favorite activity.

The first line of protection against the sun's rays should be a pair of boating sun glasses that effectively blocks out UV light. When you go boating, you have the sun beating down on top of your head. The sun is even reflected off the water, sending it reflected at you from every different direction. If you don't protect your eyes, you could potentially harm them. For this reason, make sure the boating sun glasses you choose protect your eyes sufficiently against the harmful rays of the sun. That way, you can boat as long as you want and you never have to worry about damaging your eyesight.

Not Just Any Color

Another good idea when picking out your boating sun glasses is to choose a color that is light enough, or at least noticeable enough, to be seen in case they are dropped in the water. Unfortunately, most bodies of water you'll be boating in won't be as clear as you'd like. If you drop your boating sun glasses in the water, you should easily be able to pick them out so that you can retrieve them before they sink to the bottom and get lost forever. There's nothing worse than spending a fortune on boating sun glasses only to find that you couldn't find them in the water when they fell and now they're somewhere on the bottom of the ocean or lake you're boating in.

Floating Glasses

Speaking of sinking, another great idea is to find a set of boating sun glasses that actually floats on top of the water. The glasses themselves don't have to float but you can connect a head harness to them that is buoyant. That way, if you do drop your boating sun glasses in the water, they will stay right on the surface for easy retrieval. All that money won't be wasted and you'll be able to continue to protect your eyes as you continue boating.

Boating sun glasses come in many different styles and colors and some are better than others. The trick is to be a little picky about the pair you choose and don't just go for the first ones. If you're really serious about it, check some consumer reports on people who have tried various types of boating sun glasses. It usually works that the one people approve of the most are the ones that will most effectively do the job you need them to do.