Safety And Convenience Learned In Boating School

No matter how many times you take your boat to boating school, it will not get any smarter unless you go with it. You should also include other family members who may drive your boat so that all boating school information is gained first hand instead of you trying to remember everything to pass on to others.

Most classes at a boating school will involve safety and emergency preparedness, as well as how to react in case of an emergency. These can be important lessons as many circumstances on the water may result in the loss of your craft and it is not the same as pulling over to the side of the road and waiting for help. You could be stuck on your own for a long period of time waiting for help.

Being able to find the shore in case you get lost and do not have global positioning equipment, or it has become lost or damaged can be life-saving knowledge. Equally important is knowing how to use the equipment if you do have it available. Many classes at boating school will teach you these techniques, depending on the type you sign up to take.

Learn Correct Emergency Procedures

Knowing what to do in most emergency situations can save lives, and while fires are rare on boats, they do happen and knowing how to use a fire extinguisher properly could not only save lives but also could save your boat. Fire extinguisher use is commonly taught at boating school as are life saving classes in CPR for possible drowning victims.

Simple first aid procedures are also taught at boating school to handle minor emergencies such as fishing hooks becoming stuck in your hands, being bit by large fish. Even treating severe sunburn should be knowledge you learn in boating school. Additionally, you will be taught it is usually best to stay with your boat instead of trying to swim to shore, unless it is a relatively short distance and you can visually see it, knowing you have a 100 percent chance to make it.

If you give it the appropriate thought, buying and operating a boat is similar to buying and operating a car and it comes with similar responsibilities, especially when it concerns the safety of other occupants in your boat or other boaters on the water. Just like you went to driving school to learn to operate your car, you should attend boating school to learn to operate your boat.