Boating Regulations: Some Rules That You Have To Follow

Boating is one of the most favorite sports in America. And this sport is not just limited to adults, but also to youngsters as well. In most places this is a family sport, which involves many different ages. But going as a family is not something very easy, there are lots of boating regulations and laws that need to be adhered to. And in some places, these boating regulations even go to the extent of prohibiting children in boating.

Different states in our country have different laws regarding boating, but all of them have several things in common. One such element would be the protection given to the boating lovers, and so on. These boating regulations were enacted to counter boating mishaps and problems, and each of the states has its own way of countering this problem.

What Can be Done and What Cannot?

It is very important to know the boating regulations of the particular state you are going to go boating, because it may be different from your state regulations. Some very significant ones which are very much legal in your state may be illegal in that particular state, so be aware!

One of the most common boating regulations among all states would be the rules against boating under the influence of intoxication, which can come from either alcohol or drugs. Just like road traffic regulations, boating while you are drunk can be a very serious offence, and if caught red-handed, you might face a huge fine.

Another common regulation is the rule against small children on board. Most of the states in the country prohibit children under the age of 12 to boating, unless the child is accompanies by an adult who is able to take control of the situation if anything happens. Usually the allowed adult would be parents, elder sibling, guardians, teachers, and near relatives.

Another famous one of the boating regulations would be the rule against reckless operation of the boat. Reckless here is very much similar to driving your car recklessly, meaning to say to drive above allowed speed limits, and going astray off your lanes. As for boating regulations in general, riding the boat at very high speeds in crowded areas is a very big offence, which can lead to serious amount of damage if not brought under control. And for that reason, the punishment is also pretty much bulky.