Boating Gifts for Every Occasion

For the avid fishermen and boaters in your life coming up with boating gifts can be a challenge after a certain point. You can only buy so many fishing rods, reels, floatable cozies before you notice a clear pattern in your gift giving. With a little creativity, however, you can still find some new and thoughtful boating gifts for the seaman in your life.

Extended Stay Gifts

For the boater who spends some nights, weekends, vacations staying on his or her boat, you can find a number of items to make their boat a home away from home. Look for boat-friendly appliances, like coffee makers, blenders, microwaves, etc. designed specifically to be used on a boat. If these items are already in your boater's possession try going to your local outdoor store and look for boat-friendly plastic, foldable wine glasses, or any number of other dining accessories.

If your boater is also a foodie, try giving a nice food basket as a boating gift before a big trip. Include non-perishable items that won't need to be refrigerated. Generally speaking, if your boater has a source of refrigeration on their boat it is not very large, so you won't want to give them anything that will take up needed space.

Include some nice crackers, jams, finger foods that can be enjoyed on a sunny boat deck without too much hassle. You can also include prepackaged gourmet food that is easy to prepare. Check your local market or grocery store in the health/gourmet food aisles for such items. You can find everything from prepackaged falafel to flan. Giving some nice food makes a great boating gift, and will give your boater something to savor on his or her voyage.

Practical Gifts

Sometimes the simplest things make the best gifts. Make your boater's next trip easier by preparing a box of essentials for their boat, like band-aids, an assortment of travel-sized soaps, miniature flashlights, bug candles, etc. Think of everything your boater may need or want with them to make their stay comfortable. Even things like can openers, matches, plastic silverware can make a much appreciated boating gift.

Another great boating gift idea is rain gear. You don't have to purchase expensive gear, just an assortment of ponchos that can be easily stored for rainy situations. A tool kit is another great boating must have, so look for a miniature kit with all the basics. With the proper research, you are sure to find the perfect boating gift.