Ideas for Boating Fun on the Water

Not in the water, mind you, though you can do that, too. But to hear the sluice of water running along the sides of the boat, or its swash while being cleaved by the prow, is simply divine music. It means a lot of things: freedom, communion with the elements of nature, independence from human cares, anticipation of discovery and other, undefinable feelings. Boating fun is something that cannot be adequately described, only experienced, and shared

More Than Just A Joyride

For many people, boating fun means having a joy ride. Traversing some distance with speed. To feel the wind in one's face, their hair streaming behind, the boat pounding beneath. Pushing the speed envelope; racing with one's self. But boating fun is more than just that. It is also sharing experience with a pal in a sailing dinghy, quality time with the family in a houseboat, a father-son fishing adventure, or a voyage of discovery. A time memories are made of, comradeship built, and relationships forged.

Boating Fun is Family Fun

Boating fun is quality time. Time when you re-focus on each other, not on the mortgage and bills to pay and the boss' latest reprimand. Time to rediscover each other, to share moments together. Laugh together, tell stories, reminisce, frolic, share thoughts. In a boat on a lake, you can have the best moments just quietly looking at the setting sun together. Sometimes, no words need be said to have boating fun with your family.

Take Your Child Fishing

More than simply passing the tradition on, fishing in a boat with your child -boy or girl—fosters closeness and camaraderie. It strengthens your relationship by cooperative work, learning new skills and transfer of knowledge. Tell him stories of your times, not only for entertainment but mostly for instruction. Educate him on fishing and boating. Show him the ropes and you will have boating fun, at the moment and afterwards.

Sail With Your Mate

If they do not hate the water, or they're not averse to taking accidental swims now and then, take them sailing! Because accidental swims happens as part of boating fun: being drenched with water when necessary, and sometimes when not. Sailing with your mate lets you share with them the joys of being one with the elements, the oneness with nature that is in the core of our being. And of course, sailing into the sunset is a romantic notion most women and men have, that you can realize for your mate. That, is boating fun, too.