Some Handy Information before Joining a Boating Club

A boating club is not something unknown in the United States. Basically you can find at least one club in any state, especially if it's a coastal state. A boating club is actually a sports club dedicated to boating, sailing, and yachting. All these three activities are pretty much similar, but they can vary in so many ways, and you can always find that almost every single boating club offers all of these.

In the past, the three different activities were separated. Sailing can only be found offered by a sailing club, yachting in a yacht club, and boating in a boat club. The difference in the three which distinguished them apart was the sizes of the boats and yachts. A sail club and yacht club membership are composed of owners of smaller boats such as dinghies. Boating clubs include both common types of boats as well as powerboats.

There are basically two different types of boating clubs; one is for members, and the other is for public or commercial purposes.

Members Privilege Boating Club

This type of boating club is private and runs on the basis of membership; normal and premium. This type of club is usually opened to promote the boating culture as well as others such as sailing, yachting, and so on. The activities here are more fixed and well defined. The activities are also very much club based, meaning to say that whatever revenue comes in goes in to the club's fund for its running and organization.

There are usually specific activities organized such as sailboat racing, cruising, and so on. Such activities are both intended as social programs as well as promotion for the club. For the families of the members, there are usually other activities as well, such as training and sailing, boating safety courses, and so on. Certain clubs are very active on racing sports, while some others are more focused on serving their members more.

Public or Commercial Boating Club

This type of boating club is more famous among coastal areas, simply because there is abundant area of water to do the activities. This type club is open for all. Usually such clubs are owned by a single owner or a company, and their main aim is to make profit. The activities are somewhat similar to members boating club, but here it is more public based. Social activities are more often held than racing events. And unlike members boating club, the members are all treated the same; there is no distinction on premium, achievement or victory basis.