Boating Accessories: A Growing Market

There are a host of different boating accessories that can be used to make boating more pleasurable as well as safe. These include everything from Pelican flashlights to Ritchie compasses to Caframo dehumidifiers, and a lot more. Such is the demand for boating accessories that with almost 70 million Americans using recreational boats, there is little in modern conveniences that are not required when heading out into deep waters.

A Billion Dollar Market

The boating accessory market is steadily growing and, it is believed that in 1997, sales mounted to $1.2 billion. There is plenty of variety in aftermarket boating accessories that is growing in leaps and bounds. The boating accessory market caters to the same kind of accessories that are enjoyed at home, and onboard living on boats has become even more pleasurable thanks to these enhancements.

A sneak peek at what Americans are spending their money on in the boating accessory segment will reveal everything from fishing rods to elaborate luxuries. Splash-proof stereo DVD players are but one of the many boat accessories that boaters are going in for. Other accessories include pet-targeted staircases as well as platforms, "Sea-B-Ques," as well as the best in audio-speaker and connected microphones that enable boaters to communicate with those who are enjoying the waters, outside the boat.

There are also gadgets such as mildew-resistant welcome mats, suction-cup pouches to store sunglasses, as well as nesting stainless steel cooking utensils to fit into a small galley. One can also find custom mattress pads as well as sheets to get a good night's sleep. Besides these, there are also interior parts, instrumentation and navigation, boat care and maintenance, as well as deck equipment that form a great deal of boating accessory purchases.

To have more fun while boating, one may also go in for high-quality marine video cameras as well as accessories that can be used for various recreational and educational as well as industrial uses. One can use these boating accessories to explore the local river or use an underwater camera to connect with a video monitor and view the beauty of marine life below the surface of the water.

Divers can check their dive sites before embarking on their dives and, save time by avoiding the less interesting of dive sites and, commercial dive operations make use of underwater cameras to check out their divers as well as are helpful in lifting the diver's level of safety. This boating accessory is also useful for search and rescue missions and, one can probe murky waters without endangering the lives of divers. Indeed, boating accessories certainly have many important uses.