Bluetooth Wireless Networking

Bluetooth technology offers three different types of defined ranges, based on output ranges. Class 1 devices are the most powerful, as they can have up to 100 mW of power, with a regular antenna giving them a range of around 130 - 330 feet.

The class 2 devices are lower power, offering up to 2.5 mW of power. A regular antenna will give them a range of around 50 - 100 feet. Class 3 devices use even less power, up to 1 mW of powerto be exact. With a regular antenna, they will have a range of around 16 - 33 feet.

Even though you may not realize it, Bluetooth wireless technology has never been intended for anything other than short distance types of communication. With Bluetooth wireless, the short range is actually a benefit.

For one, the short range will reduce the change of interference between your devices and those that belong to others who are nearby. Overall, this is a basic type of security, designed to protect you and your devices.

Secondly, the lower power used for short range means a longer battery life. Most Bluetooth devices will get their power from a battery, meaning that anything you can do to lengthen the battery life is very important.

The wireless networking offered by Bluetooth is actually among the best, even though it uses short range communication. Bluetooth is used with wireless controllers, the internet, and even wireless headsets.

For the best in short range technology, Bluetooth is extremely hard to beat. If you've never tried Bluetooth before, now is the time. It's the best with wireless networking, especially for those who enjoy hands free talking on their cell phone.