Normal Blood Pressure Is A Sign Of Good Health

Many people have perfectly normal blood pressure. When these people get a regular check at their doctor's office, the blood pressure test shows two numbers that fall into an acceptable range. The people with normal blood pressure have one indication that they are in good health. Most of the people in the population have normal blood pressure but as people age, there is a chance that the meter on the machine in the doctor's office will show numbers that are too high. The two numbers that the doctor looks at are called systolic and diastolic. These measure the pressure of the blood against the arteries as the blood flows through the human system.

Normal blood pressure is indicated by the two numbers that the doctor looks at on the meter. The top number should be less than one hundred and twenty and the bottom number should be lower than eighty. Those people with a top number over one hundred and forty do not have normal blood pressure, and these people should consult with their doctor to lower their blood pressure. If the bottom number is over ninety, the patient does not have normal blood pressure and this patient should take some precautions.

Normal Blood Pressure Indicates A Healthy System

People who find out that their blood pressure is not normal will want to do something about it. A doctor should work with each person to work on lowering the blood pressure. These people should evaluate their weight. There is plenty of information about the ideal weight. People who are overweight should try to find a diet that will help them lose weight. This diet should be accompanied by an exercise routine that is suited to their lifestyle. These steps should start each person on the road to better health.

There are certain dietary steps that each person can take to lower their blood pressure. There are certain types of fish that seem to have a positive effect on health. Including these fish in the diet might help lower high blood pressure. Salt in the diet can raise the blood pressure so any person with high blood pressure should limit the amount of salt in their diet. There are some products that can be a substitute for salt and people who want to maintain a normal blood pressure might use these products in place of salt. People who want to lower their blood pressure should not despair. There are many steps that they can take to accomplish their goal.