Normal Blood Pressure Range May Offer Slight Variance

Many people may have high blood pressure, mistakenly believing that since it has been at one level for a long time, that it is their normal blood pressure range. Medical experts have set the standard at 120 or 80 with an acceptable range of 130 over 80. However, a person with a persistent reading of 130 over 90, may be a normal blood pressure range for them, but the medical opinion is this level is prehypertensive with a danger of becoming elevated to high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is measured by systolic and diastolic pressure, that is the pressure exerted on the walls of blood vessel when the heart is pumping and the diastolic pressure is that placed on the walls of vessels when the heart is not pumping. Finding a normal blood pressure range for any individual is complicated and through the use of high blood pressure medication or natural medications, can be reduced to a normal blood pressure range.

Determining if a person has high blood pressure is best left to a medical professional or a person trained in taking blood pressure, and most do so in the home with an aneroid blood pressure monitor. They work similar to the ones used by most doctors and hospitals but do have the glass column of mercury. They are nearly as accurate as mercury units in helping achieve a normal blood pressure range, but may have to be calibrated periodically.

Controlling Blood Pressure Is A Team Effort

The doctor can only do so much in keeping a person within an acceptable normal blood pressure range through diagnosis and developing a drug regimen to reduce the blood pressure. The patient has to accept some responsibility for their health by eating right, exercising and taking their medication as prescribed.

Some of the best methods of maintaining a safe normal blood pressure range is to limit the intake of sodium as well as foods high in fats, especially trans fat and develop a program of exercise to help the heart strengthen itself through vascular development. It is best to start any exercise program slowly, gradually building up to more intense exercises as the muscles allow. However, before beginning any exercise program consult with the doctor to make sure the cardiovascular system is healthy enough to endure.

By working with the doctor and watching the diet, many people are able to continue a near-nomal lifestyle while keeping a normal blood pressure range through simple steps.