Ideas for Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

Remodeling a small bathroom is a difficult task, no matter how you look at it. Your best bet for expanding a small bathroom is to knock out the wall between it and an adjacent closet. However, that is not always possible, whether it's because of the architecture of your home or due to money concerns. There are some great ideas for remodeling your small bathroom that will not only make it roomier, but give it an elegant look any homeowner would be pleased to have.

Keeping Things off the Floor

Remodeling your small bathroom in order to make it seem roomier sometimes means giving a few things up. For instance, one of the best things to get rid of in your small bathroom is your vanity sink. While the vanity space might seem convenient, it does keep your bathroom from feeling roomy. Place the towels and other things beneath in a nearby closet and replace the vanity sink with a pedestal sink or, better yet, a wall-hung sink that doesn't touch the floor in any way. Any floor space you can add will make the bathroom feel bigger.

Similarly, you can do the same trick with your toilet. A wall-hung toilet is a great addition when remodeling your small bathroom, since it also clears up a little floor space, as well as gives you a few more inches of clearance, since there is no external tank. As an additional benefit, clearing up the floor space in this way makes cleaning easier, with no more trying to mop around the pedestal of the toilet.

Work on the Bath

There are a few changes to your bathtub area that can also help give you more space, or at least the illusion of it, when remodeling your small bathroom. If you plan to keep your current tub, rather than use an opaque shower curtain or even a frosted glass shower door, switch to clear glass, as being able to see the extra two or three feet to the back of the bathtub's walls will add to the sense of space. Or, eliminate the tub altogether and install a smaller shower stall, which can add to the space you have.

The Little Things

Beyond working on your fixtures, there are a lot of small changes you can make to your bathroom to make it seem roomier. For instance, avoid a large towel rack, since it can clutter up your walls and make you feel as if you're losing horizontal space. Similarly, if you hang a picture in the bathroom, go for one picture instead of several small ones, even if the picture is a little larger, since a cluttered wall makes a bathroom feel small.

A large floor rug can be comfortable, but after you're through remodeling your bathroom, get a small rug or opt for none at all. Just as with the large fixtures, the secret to successfully remodeling your small bathroom is to eliminate all the clutter you can, and you'll have a beautiful room that feels more spacious.