Remodeling an Old Bathroom will Bring Style and Value to your Home

One of the best and least expensive methods for adding value to your home is the remodeling of an old bathroom. In many cases, this redo can put the least amount of strain on your checkbook, while bringing the greatest asset to your home's value and resale potential. It appears that bathrooms were not meant to last forever and fixtures that seemed so chic and trendy ten or twenty years ago are beginning to look old and tired today. It is also true those older baths are much more difficult to clean and maintain. But before you begin remodeling your old bathroom, there are a few factors that you will want to keep in mind.

Hiring a Professional

When it comes to remodeling an old bathroom, repairing or replacing plumbing and fixtures might be a job to leave for the professionals. At the very least, it is a good idea to involve someone in the planning process who is familiar with building codes and regulations. The way, you can rest assured that there is the correct amount of clearance for your toilet and your tub, and your drainage system is up to par. Electricity is another concern when remodeling an old bathroom, particularly if you want to expand the electrical system to accommodate much of the new technology of today.

Space then and Space now

While many decorating magazines and model homes today are filled with spacious master bath retreats, most older homes placed much less importance on this much-used room. If you are remodeling an old bathroom that is hardly larger than your closet, you might want to consider the option of expanding your bath into the space next door. Keep in mind that expanding the size of your current bath will greatly increase the cost of the redo, since plumbing and electricity will probably need to be moved and rerun. Still, if you have the budget and the inclination, a bigger bath can bring convenience as well as value in the long run.

Updating Faucets and Fixtures

Sometimes the main job in remodeling an old bathroom is simply in updating faucets and fixtures to reflect the style of the times. This can usually be done fairly easily and is often a DIY project for many handy homeowners. The hardest part of the job may actually be in selecting from the wide variety of faucets and light fixtures on the market today. You are sure to find a design that will fit your tastes as well as your budget. Remodeling an old bathroom can update your home and add value to your property. It is a fun project that can often be done with minimal time and money for maximum results.