Tasks to Accomplish When Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most common home improvement projects because homeowners prefer a toilet and bath area where they can relax from a hard day's work. In addition, people who plan to sell their homes in the future understand that remodeling a bathroom has one of the highest return-on-investments of all home renovations.

If your project involves remodeling a bathroom completely from scratch, you can hire a contractor if your project includes plumbing, electrical wires and other technical issues. However, if you will only remodel the exterior of the bathroom without touching the electrical wires and plumbing, you can perform the tasks on your own.

Guidelines in Remodeling a Bathroom

If you choose to hire a contractor for your project, you need to follow several guidelines to ensure you can meet all finances, legal issues and important details. When you want to remodel the entire bathroom, you should ensure to complete building permits, follow zoning regulations and pay the fees related to your renovation. Remodeling a bathroom with the necessary permits gives you protection from hazardous building practices or low-quality workmanship.

Once you have settled the paperwork, you can now evaluate your budget based on your design. Make sure to estimate all expenses from labor and equipments. You should also reserve a fund to cover unexpected costs or expenses.

Before remodeling a bathroom, you should first explain your plans and designs to the contractor. You should also confirm the start of renovation, delivery of equipments, implementing of tasks, estimated completion of the project and insurance coverage. This can ensure that your budget can shoulder labor fees for the given days or weeks of completion.

While your contractor is responsible for remodeling a bathroom, it is your responsibility to ensure all materials has been delivered. Before starting the project, inspect all items and equipments are complete to prevent delays due to lack of equipments.

Once everything is prepared for the renovation, you should keep pets and children away from the bathroom to avoid accidents. You should also warn other members of your household about the scheduled dates of renovation to prepare them for the construction noise.

Take a picture of the bathroom before the project starts to compare the changes made after the construction period. If you have time, you can supervise the contractors while remodeling a bathroom to ensure all no task is left undone.

When the construction period ends, inspect all changes made and evaluate if all sinks, water drainage, light fixtures and other bathroom equipments are working properly. Once you are satisfied with the project, you can now take your first relaxing shower and enjoy a long-term benefit from the investment you made.