Luxury meets Technology: New Decorating Ideas for the Bathroom

If you are considering a makeover of your bathroom, you will undoubtedly be amazed at some of the products that you have to choose from in creating a private retreat in a much-used area of the household. Technology has not only come to the family rooms and kitchens of homes today; there is a plethora of high-tech options available for the bath as well. If you have the dream, and a few hundred dollars lying around, you too can bring a touch of luxury and technology to the smallest room in your home. However, if you do decide to indulge in some new decorating ideas for the bathroom, be prepared to want to spend even more time inside!

Modern Sinks offer Beauty and Function

There are many new decorating ideas for the bathroom that involve upscale and redesigned sinks and faucets. One of the most beautiful looks in sinks today is the many lovely choices in basins that actually sit above the counter level. These bowls come in a variety of colors, styles and materials, and are gracing more and more countertops as people are becoming familiar with this trendy look. A step in the right technology direction brings electronic faucets out of restaurants and airports and into your own private bath. These faucets are motion sensitive, which makes them a great choice for kids who tend to leave that faucet running!

A Whole new Meaning to the Word "Clean"

Bathing has come a long way since the tin washtubs that were filled with water that was hopefully heated on the wood stove. If you love to soak away your stress in a warm bath, you can now get that tub filled with minimal effort on your part. Another new decorating idea for the bathroom is a tub control that will fill your bath to the exact temperature and level that you desire - all with a single push of a button. Not only will this unit remember temperatures and levels for three different members of your family, you will also enjoy 10-second refills throughout your soak for maximum comfort and luxury.

Toilets that can do it All

If you want to sit on a throne that is truly made for royalty, consider a self-serve toilet. This new idea in bathroom decorating will heat the seat for you, and give you a thorough cleansing and deodorizing when the job is done. You will even receive a warm, drying finish for the highest level of hygiene. No need for flushing either - the toilet will flush itself when you are finished, and even close the lid to prepare for the next user. There is no better example of luxury, comfort and functionality colliding for maximum homeowner benefit.

If it is time for a bathroom makeover, count yourself lucky when you see the many wonderful new decorating ideas for the bathroom today. Decorating just got a little more technical and a lot more comfortable.