Some Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Some popular children's themes include fantasy gardens, ducks, fish, and jungle themes. The key to any kid's bathroom decorating idea is making it fun and colorful. Children will enjoy their time in the bathroom more if the environment is fun, upbeat, and appealing to them.

Fantasy Gardens

A fantasy garden theme should start with a pastel pallet and be heavy on the fantasy. Fairies, garden gnomes, dragons, fanciful dragonflies and butterflies, and any other favorite garden characters. The walls can be a plain pastel color such as a cool color like blue, green or violet and a border or stick on details can add the characters. Alternately, stencils or stamps also add the character details.

Adding details to bring the outdoors indoors such as, painting tall grasses around the bath tub to give the appearance of a pond or painting clouds on the ceiling. To help complete this kid's bathroom decorating theme finding fairy shaped toothbrush holders, ladybug soap dispenser, color coordinated towels, and a complimentary shower curtain can help to pull the room together.

Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks are available on shower curtains, towels, soap dispensers, tooth brush holders, wall clocks, waste paper baskets. Even more items are available for this kid's bathroom decorating idea, at most department stores.

A bit of paint and wall paper can coordinate the kids bathroom design even further. Using soft but vivid colors like pastel blue, green, or yellow and a coordinating stripped or duck printed wall paper will make the room look "ducky" and peachy keen. Completing the look with stamps, decals, stencils of ducks will pull the room together along with rugs and cute rubber duck shaped slip-proof guards in the bathtub.


Fish are another popular kid's bathroom decorating idea; again cool colors are best for this theme. Bright colors of lakes or the seas will illuminate the room and make it a cheerful place for the children to get ready every morning, every night, and whenever they need to stop into the bathroom during the day.

Many bathroom furnishings are available with fish on them, from both the lake side or sea shore. If decorating for boys, they might like more neutral colors with many brown, green, and grey tones, complimented with vibrant blue. Girls may like a sea theme better because there sea fish are much more colorful; oranges, bright greens, startling whites, bright pink, and blue can all find a place in an ocean themed bathroom.

Jungle Themes

Taking on jungle theme can be kid's bathroom decorating idea which is a fun and a creative experience for the entire family; many bright colors appear in the jungle and an artist could have a lot of fun with a collage. For the rest of the population painting just the trees with dark brown trunks and leafy tops at the ceiling, then fill in the animals with stencils, stamps, and decals.

All kid's bathroom decorating ideas can be done completely or partly with things purchased from a store. There are many items available in any taste and with any theme a person may have in mind. Fun is the key to any child's decorating project.