Add Pizzazz By Decorating Bathroom Mirrors

One of the most overlooked rooms in your house, as well as one of the busiest, is your bathroom. Many families just accept the bathroom as a functional space not worthy of time and effort. Yet, a few accessories in the room as well as decorating bathroom mirrors can add life to the smallest room of the house.

Mirrors in a bathroom not only serve a genuine purpose, they can also make a room look larger can be a good reflection on you and your decorating taste. There are many ways for decorating bathroom mirrors, with lights, colors or small stickers, so that they do not have to be just a necessary item hanging on the wall. Larger bathrooms can accommodate larger mirrors, but if a mirror is above a vanity, it should not be wider than the cabinet. If you place wall lamps on either side of the mirror, they may extend past the edge, as long as the mirror is within the confines of the cabinet width.

When looking at decorating bathroom mirrors consider who uses the bathroom. If you have young children, they may appreciate seeing some of their favorite stickers on the lower corners of the mirror, making the room seem more kid-friendly. The stickers are easy to apply and just as easy to remove without causing permanent damage.

Try Window Dressing On Large Mirrors

Bathrooms with large mirrors may be dressed with window treatments, such as decorating bathroom mirrors with window scarves. Draped over the top of the mirror and allowed to hang evenly down both sides can add a color accent to a possibly bland room. Coordinating the color with other items in the bathroom, such as towels and throw rugs, can bring all the colors together. Depending on the size of the mirror, you may also consider using glass chalk and a portion of the mirror as a message center for notes to your family.

Another means of decorating bathroom mirrors may be to place a frame around the mirror. Space allowing, the top of the frame can be used as a shallow shelf for smaller items to be displayed or wider to hold a small lamp. You might even consider a frame around the mirror with shadow box-type shelves on either side to help dress up the room. Provided enough of the mirror is left open to be functional, this can add more depth and decorating space to your bathroom.