Decorating a Small Bathroom Space

As the world turns and young people grow up, they want to be able to buy a home. Some people may have saved for a few years waiting for the right opportunity. In most cases, the first house that people buy is smaller. It is most likely an older home that may need some remodeling and decorating. When people buy their first home they are so excited that certain things can be overlooked.

Most of the things that need to be done are things that the people can do by themselves. One thing that is almost certain to be done is decorating a small bathroom. The bathroom is small because the home is small. Decorating a small bathroom does not have to cost a lot of money. There are many things that can add perceived space and make the room look up to date.

Hanging mirrors will make the small space seem larger. Some small bathrooms can benefit from taking out the old sink and vanity and replacing the sink with a pedestal sink. These can be inexpensive and it will change the appearance of the bathroom dramatically. Cabinets can be hung above on the wall and this frees up a lot of floor space. Also, consider new paint or wall paper to freshen up the space.

Other Things to Consider

Decorating a small bathroom will change it so that it looks appropriate. There are some things that shouldn't be tackled at least right away. First, try not to do any major renovations. The cost will skyrocket and there are so many things that can be done by decorating. Renovations are best saved for another time when things have settled down and the people have saved enough money.

Depending on the age of the home, the toilet may have a large tank for water. It can be replaced but there is something else that can be done. Add a gallon jug of water to the tank and then the amount of water used is much less. The entire toilet can be changed at the same time that the renovation will be done.

Something else that can be done when decorating a small bathroom is to resurface the porcelain bath tub. If the bath tub looks bad then go buy some bath tub refinisher and do it without a contractor. The bath tub will look brand new and will really make the bathroom shine. Decorating a small bathroom can be fun and can even give a young couple something to work on together.